Safety Net - Structural Measure to Prevent Suicide

We all know that suicide is a topic no one likes to talk about, but it happens frequently. A statistical survey shows that there is about 10% of population that once think about committing suicide in their lives, especially those in age between 14 to 55. And jumping form height is considered the most common method to end their lives. Thus, a range of structural measures should be taken to minimize jumping accidents.

Normally, two prevention methods are chosen, one is high balustrade and the other is stainless steel safety net as shown below:

A picture of golden gate bridge, one of the hotspots for suicide in San Francisco.
Golden gate bridge in San Francisco - one of the suicide hotspots in the world

Method 1 - High balustrade along the "hotspots" such as winding staircase, winding road, bridge and balconies. Although it can not prevent suicide totally, it may discourage jumpers to some extents.

Method 2 - stainless steel safety net. Mounted below the bridge or high buildings, stainless steel safety net is designed to catch jumpers and make the fatal falling futile. Meanwhile, it may provide the jumper a strong impression that suicide is not the solution to their problems and they may change their mind eventually. Most of all, it gains time for the rescue and reduce the falling accidents caused by juvenile overconfidence and dangerous recklessness.

When it comes to picking up optimal stainless steel safety net, respective local circumstances should be taken into consideration. Our range of stainless steel safety netting, fabricated from high quality stainless steel, is always a sensible option. It is extremely flexible to absorb the jumping energy and ensure the safety of jumper at the same time. Meanwhile, It will not degrade and corrode even in the harshest environment. Thus, it exhibits long service life with low even no maintenance.

Stainless steel safety net mounted below a high building to prevent self-slayers, small kinds and pet falling down to the ground directly and losing their life in the end.
Stainless steel safety nets below a high building effectively catch self-slayers and small kids for saving their lives.
Stainless steel safety net is mounted below a bridge to prevent fall accidents and suicide cases by making the fatal falling futile.
Stainless steel safety nets can also be used below a bridge to minimize fall accidents of small kids and juveniles.
Stainless steel safety net mounted halfway down to the hill to protect the below train and train tracks from being damaged by falling rocks.
Stainless steel safety net plays an important role in preventing falling stones and rocks from damaging train tracks below.
Stainless steel safety net mounted below a high building to protect below pedestrians.
Stainless steel protective nets, mounted along the teaching building, prevent falling objects from hurting students.

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