Helipad Safety Net - Modular Heliport Webbing

Helipad net refers to a stainless steel net system that are surrounded the helipad to create a modular webbing. They are generally seen on rooftop of hotels, hospitals and other premises for convenient transportation to enhance the growth rate of patients. Meanwhile, this net is also appreciated when applied to offshore and shipboard for providing fuel, air traffic control and services, etc.

As a profession manufacturer, our company supplies high quality helipad nets with incomparable features as shown below:

  • Made of quality 316 stainless steel cable, our range of helipad net is extremely corrosion resistant so they are preferred to be applied to the harshest offshore condition.
  • Unlike other composite palisade net, this stainless steel helipad net will not deteriorate with exposure to UV rays and salt spray.
  • This helipad net with diamond or square pattern, is as strong as concrete and stable enough to ensure the safety of the environment without being overbearing.
  • In addition, this net temperature resistant so it will not burn or melt when exposed to a high temperature.
  • Long lasting helipad net requires low even no maintenance that improves the cost efficient to the largest extent.
  • Any custom sizes and shapes of stainless steel helipad net can be optimized to meet customers' requirements.
  • Modular design makes these net easy to install, dismantle and re-assemble in a very short time.


As one of the safety ocean equipment, the cable mesh safety net, we have supplied it to many marine equipment companies in the Middle East and Africa. You can always find our products on drillship, Jack-up rig and offshore oil/gas exploration platforms.

An offshore helipad for providing a reliable landing areas for helicopters
Offshore helipad
A shipboard helipad on a moving ship
Shipboard helipad
A rooftop helipad on a hospital for convenient patients transportation to save their life
Rooftop helipad
A simple tabletop helipad above the ground of a parking lot
Tabletop helipad


  • Cable material: stainless steel or aluminum upon your request.
  • Cable mesh style: knotted/ferrule cable mesh or square cable mesh based on your requirement.
  • Border: tubular frame.
  • Standard: complying with all states and national building codes upon your request.
  • Any custom design and sizes are available.

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