Products by composition

Ferrule Type Cable Mesh

Ferrule type stainless steel cable meshes with high strength are intended for animal enclosure, balustrade, safety fences and ceiling, etc.

Knotted Cable Mesh

Stainless steel knotted cable mesh is a rhombus mesh with high flexibility, toughness and ideal for balustrade, zoo enclosure and facade greenery.

Square Cable Mesh

We supply galvanized and stainless steel square cable mesh that functions well in facility protection, decoration and slope stabilization, etc.

Anti-theft Backpack Protector

Anti-theft backpack protector, made of stainless steel, is the best choice for protecting your bags from being tampered with, pilfered and stolen.

Architectural Rope Assemblies

A wide range of accessories including stainless steel cables, sleeves, eye ends, suspension rope clamps, turnbuckles, threads ends, rod articulation.